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    Warm, quiet and wind-proof was the goal of our New Ambush Insulated Series Outerwear. All three garments are designed to work together as the ultimate late-season system, allowing you to match to the temperatures of your hunt and keep you in the field longer. Each piece offers an insulated kangaroo pouch lined with Sherpa fleece, so you are comfortable and prepared when opportunity comes walking by. The Ambush Insulated Jacket features 165 gram micro fleece outer fabric bonded to an ultralight 4-way stretch wind-proof membrane. Estimated temp range: 10-30 degrees, lower with layers*. 

    • Extremely lightweight, warm, quiet and comfortable without unnecessary bulk
    • Features PrimaLoft Silver Active 133 gram in the body and 100 gram in the sleeves
    • Kangaroo pouch insulated with PrimaLoft Silver Active 133 gram and lined with Sherpa fleece
    • Micro fleece outer fabric bonded to a 4-way stretch wind-proof membrane
    • Cross Chest zipper allows the pouch to be open to both hands
    • Safety-harness compatibility
    • Estimated temp range: 10-30 degrees, lower with layers*


    * Temp ranges are ESTIMATED. Many factors play into every situation like wind, humidity, precipitation, location, time of year and individual preferences. 

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    1. SO WARM

      This is the warmest jacket I own by far, can sit all day in the single digits with ease and not even get a chill. Well worth the money, the camo is the best there is any patter you want deer will not see you. Paired with the ambush bibs and lord you have a suite that you will never think about letting go. on 22nd Aug 2019

    2. Awesome

      Comfortable and warm i ordered it in brown deception and was skeptical about the white in the pattern i hunt from a stand and everything about this camo was great- i found myself hunting the ground for the first time in 20 yrs had deer at 20 yrds and they looked right past me- made me a believer- best camo pattern out there for breaking up your outline on 1st Apr 2019

    3. Super warm

      The Ambush Jacket is awesome. Just finished out the Ky late archery season where the weather wind chill was single digit. Fantastic comfort and warmth. I wear a bino harness and the placement of the kangaroo pocket is perfect for use. I can not emphasis enough the quality of warmth that this Permaloft Silver retains. Just wearing a good set of longhandled underwear was all I needed under this outfit. I can't imagine how cold I could hunt if I added a mid layer of fleece over the base layer. I ordered my usual size of jacket in XL and fit was perfect. Thanks goes to Jen and her knowledge of the product and sizing. Can't wait to see what's next from Predator on 26th Jan 2019

    4. Great jacket

      This is by far the best jacket I've ever used, I have never been so warm hunting in 8 degree weather with just a thermal base layer and this jacket paired with the Ambush bibs. I literally am not messing around best suite combo out there. The kangaroo pocket is so awesome when sitting in the stand and warm as all get out. Thank you Jen for your excellent customer service and great products. on 24th Jan 2019

    5. Very Nice and Very Warm

      I'll start with the sizing. I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs with a very athletic build. I wear a Medium in all my shirts and jackets. I bought this jacket in a Large and it leaves ample room for layering, which is great. The sleeves are still a good length and not too long. It is quiet enough for bowhunting and warm enough for base layers only or added mid layers if needed. The hand warmer pocket is perfect. The side zipper is a bit awkward and if I had not went up 1 size I can see how it could be difficult to get it started. Overall it is a simple jacket that can be worn from late Oct through Jan with layers. on 26th Dec 2018

    6. HARD TO USE

      I have Been buying Predator cameo for a very long time , back in the 70’s , it’s allways been the best cameo out there , I have purchased the insulated bib and jackets, bibs are great and easy to get on , However the jacket is a big problem first thing is that zipper it’s on the side and very small to get a grip on , very hard to use and binds up when trying to zip up , I find it to be a little on the noisy side , I have used it now for a full season made it thru half the second season and put it away and got my old jacket back out , I well say this is extremely warm product , looking on line and they have 2 different opptions for jackets and I we’ll be ordering a new jacket with the zipper in front , I have been bow hunting for 44 years and in sales , Trust me when I say this is still the Best product just get the sizes right and you to well be very satisfied. on 10th Dec 2018

    7. Quality product and very warm

      This jacket can not be beat for warmth. The front pocket is deep and made in such a way as not to allow things to fall out. Great for throwing a hand warmer in and plenty enough room for both hands. I would not advise wearing this jacket in if you have a good distance to hike to the stand. You will over heat very fast in this thing, that's how well it holds heat. Strap or carry in in and put it on at the tree, trust me on this one.With the zipper starting on the side its a bit awkward getting it started with gloves on in the dark, but nothing that cant be mastered with a bit of practice. I'd give Predator a call before ordering just as a double check for size and fit. I'm not one that enjoys sending something back, so i called and spoke with Jen and her knowledge of the entire line of Predator prevented that from happening. She sent what we talked about and fit was perfect for me and how I layer my clothing. Thanks Jen. on 22nd Oct 2018

    8. Perfect Coat

      Everything about this coat is perfect, the fit, the feel and it's super quiet. The coat is was not to baggy like most coats would be...perfect for bow hunting. Would recommend this coat to anyone! on 10th Oct 2018

    9. Constructive Criticism

      This is a positive review with only one suggestion to the manufacturer. First all the positives: This Jacket is warm, wind proof and it is undeniably quiet and as comfortable. It has full range of motion when hunting in all cold seasons with no kind of restrictions that I have discovered. As for the suggestion, the Brown Deception, in my situations of hunting, there is a bit too much white in the pattern and this is only because I live below the mason dixon line. Snow is not a common occurrence here like it is in the norther portions of the states. My only suggestion would be a dark gray or possibly black in its place. The camouflage’s abilities to break your outline are phenomenal. There are no doubts about that. When hunting from a tree stand elevated with enough sky and canopy in your background, you’ll become practically invisible. on 28th Oct 2017

    10. Love everything about this other than the odd cut/sizing

      First off, I'm a huge fan of Predator Camo and greatly appreciate their support for the military. I contacted them ahead of time with some questions and they were very friendly answering all of my questions. While the sizing of their products is puzzling and a bit frustrating, this review is not a complaint and is posted more for SA to others shopping this and trying to decide what size to get....
      Knowing the sizing can be a little off, I went with an XXL for the jacket to leave room for layering (I'm 6' 1", 185lbs and normally wear an XL or L-Tall for reference). The sleeve length is just right and I actually expected it to be longer. Shoulders are just about right, which I expected to be a bit wider. The part that is frustrating is the mid section is absolutely huge! A 400lb round person would still swim in the mid section. Then you get to the neck area and when fully zipped, it's very tight. I have what I would consider to be an "average" neck for a person my size/weight and when the jacket is fully zipped, it feels like you're slowly being choked by a baby. Forget about trying to fully zip the jacket with their facemask. So as it stands, I have no idea what body shape this thing was made for because no human I've ever seen would have the shape (or misfortune) of fitting into this jacket as designed.

      In short, I expected the sleeves to be longer, mid section to be less round/huge, neck to not be as tight and shoulders maybe a bid wider. It's a similar story with the bibs, which I'll review separately but, the legs are very skinny on those with a wide mid-section. Just putting the XL bibs over a pair of jeans made the knee/calf area to tight to wear comfortably when seated.

      If they can get their sizing figured out, they'd have a nearly perfect product. That said, I'm not returning anything and will make it work. I love the pattern (fall grey), the material is nice and quiet, light weight and appears to be very warm. I'll be putting the full outfit to the test in northern MN in a few weeks for whitetail opener where the way things have been, it may be in the 70s or it could be -10 with blizzard conditions...
      on 19th Oct 2017

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