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G2 Whitetail Jacket

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    The Predator Camo G2 Whitetail Jacket delivers an extremely quiet and durable 400-wt bonded hard-faced fleece shell and Predator’s durable water-repellant finish to help protect against sudden drizzle and stains. High-pile Sherpa® fleece lining keeps the heat in and helps break the wind, while counter-sunk knit cuffs with thumbholes offer further protection from the elements. Large, well-placed front pockets allow for venting to regulate body temperature. Estimated temp range: 30-50 degrees, lower with layers*.

    • 100% polyester hard-face fleece shell
    • Warm high-pile Sherpa® fleece lining
    • Quiet, durable, comfortable
    • Durable water repellent finish
    • Large front pockets to help regulate body temp
    • Counter-sunk knit cuffs to keep cold out 
    • Estimated temp range: 30-50 degrees, lower with layers* 


    * Temp ranges are ESTIMATED. Many factors play into every situation like wind, humidity, precipitation, location, time of year and individual preferences. 



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    1. Nice camo

      This was a first for me to order camo and have never tried it on but was pleasantly surprised that it fit perfect and was high quality with a great pattern, Jacket was warm with just a Tee shirt on with a cool 45 degree morning, love the clothes and will be buying more. on 7th Oct 2019

    2. Need dealers in Alabama

      Amazing product, second to none extremely warm. Will continue to use this open pattern for years to come. Predator needs to move products to a dealer in northern Alabama. on 15th Sep 2019

    3. Great product

      Perfect for what I need and at a great price! on 8th Aug 2019

    4. Outstanding suit

      Best suit I've ever owned. It has everything, quietness, softness excellent crisp pattern and warmth. The pockets are deep and usable. The cut across the back is perfect for allowing the bow to be drawn without binding. The grid fleece lining is perfect for this cool mornings in the tree. Obviously the pattern is second to none which you already know because you are here reading this. In a tree you are absolutely gone and melt into the background. Where other patterns blob this one obliterates your outline. Size is pretty true to fit. The only thing I wear under this suit is longhandles on cool mornings. If you want to wear more layers than that, I will say go one size up. The athletic cut is form fitting so it's not designed to wear a ton of stuff underneath. Another great feature is the DWR applied. Rain drops roll right off. In a light shower you are good to go. It is not waterproof and you would likely get wet in an extended down pour. Call Jen and she will get you squared away. Best customer service rep out there bar none. on 4th Aug 2019

    5. Superior Quality

      The build quality and materials used are of superior quality. The pattern is crisp and clear. The Brown Deception pattern works perfectly creating a human-pattern breaking, light background picture that matches the sky and wooded brush of fall. No longer am I dark blob in a tree stand with a light sky or gray trees behind me.
      I hunt in West Ky, and in 30-40 degree weather I usually leave it unzipped because the waffle pattern thermals create and hold a warm and toasty blanket of hot air around me.
      I've tried other high quality brands and it's so hard to justify the premium price on those other brands but here at Predator I truly feel every single dollar with the fit, comfort, warmth, and pattern in these products. It's so nice finally having good quality, unique camouflage outside the Big Two here in the South.
      on 30th Jun 2019

    6. My go to suit for most hunts

      Out of all the different Predator series, the G2 is the go to for me on most hunts. With the exception of early season when its hot or the last few weeks when extremely cold, this is the suit I reach for. It is very quiet to draw the bow and makes zero sound while moving on stand. It will repel light rain and retain warmth on cool days. The tight knapp also resists burrs and stick tights better than high pile fleece. Fit runs a tad small so order a size up or if you plan on this being used in really cold weather and will layer some heavier base layers you might even go up 2 sizes. If i need more than long handles underneath then I will choose another series for extra warmth, but with a good base layer I will hunt this outfit into the 30's and be fine. I really like the pockets and how you can vent the jacket if needed by unzipping them all the way open. Great job with this one Predator, hats off to the G2 series. on 28th May 2019

    7. Nice jacket!

      3D Deception. Quality of the jacket is top notch and comfortable! My only complaint is the price is a bit high for no more insulation than it provides. Kinda thin for the price!! Love the thumb holes tho !!! on 2nd Mar 2018

    8. Love it

      Love the pattern. Very quiet and seems like it will be very warm. Only downside is that it’s a little snug in the shoulders even after ordering a size up for layering. on 7th Dec 2017

    9. Great Jacket, didn't fit as expected.

      I usually wear a medium in jackets, but I mainly bow hunt and figured getting a large would allow for me to draw back easier. While I have room to draw back, the shoulders are a little tight. The front pockets are large, but I can see how the shape of them might allow for things to fall out easily. Other than those two complaints, this jacket has been great. The pattern looks really good. I bow hunt South East Georgia and the warmth of the jacket is right on for those days when the temp gets below 55 or so. Also, I have sat a few light rainy days and the material kept the wind and water at bay. Overall, I would recommend this jacket, just order a size bigger! on 6th Dec 2017

    10. Perfect fit, perfect pattern

      I bought the G2 jacket and used it this past week in Ohio. The weather was cool, ranging from 19-40 degrees. The jacket worked perfectly, I stayed comfortable on stand while sitting for 6am-6pm. I ordered an XL, I'm 6'3" 200# and it get great allowing room for thermal base layering and a heavy sweatshirt. on 15th Nov 2017

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